Touching Base About Lottie And Alastair

Arctic weather has had us locked in for the past week, and since taking pictures inside the building here at ARC is a colossal challenge with the lighting issues we face, I don’t have any recent pictures to show you. I regret that, because both Lottie and Alastair (formerly known as Silas) are almost unrecognizable now, in the best possible ways!

Lottie looks the same but acts like a different dog. She comes out to play with all the littles and leans into me when I pet her now. Just as it is with most ferals, she remains difficult to catch and skittish when loose in the room. But once she’s caught, she really gets into a good ear rub. She’s very playful and sweet with other dogs, no food aggression or any aggressions at all, for that matter. I predict she’s going to be a real love bug when she finally overcomes her fear of approaching humans.

Alastair–well, he doesn’t look like the same dog at all. While Dobermans as a rule are long and lanky, he is quite fleshed-out compared to his skeletal appearance when he first came to us. He’s appropriately active for his breed and age, extremely confident, and well-mannered in the house. And he’s made a friend–my own Doberman Ketsia. They singled each other out right away and are now inseparable. They eat together, sleep together, and play together. I have a difficult time telling one from the other at just a glance.

This instant bond brings me to a point I intend to research further–I’ve noticed that like breeds of dogs tend to clump together automatically. The phenomenon is especially intense with chihuahuas, but I attributed that to proportional awareness and feeling comfortable with dogs their own size. But we have plenty of other big dogs here at ARC, yet Ketsia and Alastair gravitated toward each other like polarized magnets. I’ve definitely seen similar breeds take an instant dislike to each other and never overcome it. But I’ve seen enough kinship in like breeds for me to suspect there’s more to this theory than just my imagination.

I’ll let you know what I find out.

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